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Per-Egill is a management consultant, executive coach and a coach of coaches. He understands business issues, enjoy diversity and have a proven track record in delivering results for people who work in complex and multi-cultural organisations. He has a strong track record of success coaching for several years at director/CEO level. He facilitates team development to help organisations achieve complex objectives. He coaches executives in leadership skills including leadership styles and behaviour, communication, negotiating/influencing, relationship management and team building. He also provides career and transition coaching to help individuals prepare for promotion and transition into new roles. Said of him: “his style of coaching is characterised as honest, confidence-building, non-judgmental, guiding (not teaching-not just listening), soft tone but serious under-belly, and inspirational." He is deeply concerned about helping clients leverage their strengths and accelerate their learning. As a result, his clients consistently transform their impact and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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